Nancy Sanchez is a compelling musical talent whose time is now. The singer-songwriter displays her gifted vocals and distinct lyricism on Ruby in L.A., the recording artist's full-length debut release. Noted as a jazz musician, Sanchez, who makes her home in Orange County, is ready to cross-over to the realm of pop through the album's 13 tracks. She has always made space in her jazz sets for solo acoustic performances. Now Sanchez is primed to chart a new musical identity born from them.

With the effort, the singer is keenly focused on her growth as a songwriter. "I am at my most creative when I tell a story through lyrics and melodies," she says. Sanchez's musical interests and influences include artists such as Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Feist, Paul Simon and Billy Joel. Their imprint is certainly felt as she chronicles the travails of relationships on Ruby in L.A. detailing the bittersweet experiences of a young woman falling in and out of love.